Jennifer (carnivallights) wrote in jrock_bands,


visualtape - Kagerou
the_aiki - AKFG
ivygoddess1 - Drop: Missalina Rei, Lareine, Devine Maiden. Added: Baiser
stoicdecadence - Miyavi, Gacktjob
robo_kiss - Calmando Qual -> Clavier
kurai_okugata - deadman
shi_sha_hariken - Antique Cafe, etsu69
plutonian_shore - Himitsu Kessha Codoma A, Hinawana, HeaRt
macabre_mask - MUCC -> Phantasmagoria
rawr_plasticc - Aile, Hime Ichigo, Irokui
baka_bunnies - Janne da Arc, ZONE
orkhid - Calmando Qual, Deadman, girugamesh
namida_no_uta - Mr. Children, LARA, La:Sadie's
pancake_keiyuu - 176BIZ, Soroban, Nanairo Pearl
rave_andou - Vidoll, Phantasmagoria, The back horn
sayora347 - UVERworld, deadman
xquirkydolly - SID, HeaRt
_sussy_ - Sex Machineguns
yuniiku - SADS, Dir en grey

Also removed deleted usernames and added DACCO and Gallhammer to the list. I did these in chronological order (first come first serve) so if I didn't add your name to a band, it was because someone else asked first.

Lastly, I know I'm like, the most horrible mod for this comm, seeing as I only update it every year if I'm lucky. That being said, if there is anyone that thinks they could do a better job and would like to take over, leave a comment.
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