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japanese rock band claim community

visual kei ; angura kei ; j-punk ; j-indies ; pop/rock

JROCK BANDS : jrock band claiming community;
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claim your favorite jrock bands.
First Maintainer/Moderator: yuniiku


Welcome to jrock_bands, a livejournal claiming community for japanese rock bands. Be it a visual kei band, a j-punk band, indies, or pop/rock. All bands are accepted. To claim a j-rock band, please look through the details below. Thank you.


So first off, the rules. Please read them through before posting a claim:

- You must be a member of this community to state any claims. Plus, you must remain a member to keep your claim. I will be doing a regular checking of claims, and if I see that you have left the community, then you are removed and your claim is open for the taking.

- You MUST MUST MUST first check the claim list to see if that band is open for the taking. Do NOT make a post asking if that band is available. You have to check first, otherwise I will ignore your post.

- Because there are limited bands as opposed to claiming individual members, I will allow 3 different users to claim one band. After there have been 3 claims made, the band is no longer open for the taking. There is an exception however, to someone who contributes something to the community (more of this below).

- A member is allowed 3 bands to claim. You can only claim a band once. You may not claim that band a 2nd or 3rd time.

- Keep in mind that the bands open for claiming is in no way limited to the ones listed. If your band isn't on the list, I will add it when listing your claim.


If you have used your 3 claims and are looking to claim more bands, OR your band has been claimed 3 times already but still looking to claim it, then read below:

- If you contribute to this community by making a graphic of some sort or promote this community through advertisement, than you will be allowed 1, 2, or 3 (depends) more claims to ANY band regardless if the band has already been claimed 3 times:

(a.) You may create 100x100 icons (1 claim) and any size banners (1 or 2 claims) for jrock_bands. I am not a very critical person when it comes to judging a graphic, most likely I will accept it. But please put a little effort in making it.

(b.) Promoting the community by advertising the link will allow you up to 3 more claims. This may depend on the way you advertise; unsuccessful advertising won't be rewarded. This is to prevent people from using this rule to get claims they have done nothing to deserve. y_y;;

Please keep in mind that by promoting we don't ask you to spam. By spam, we don't want you posting the link to random communities that are irrelevant to j-rock or music, or does not allow advertising. Though if you do advertise to communities without spamming, you will get 3 more claims.

The easiest way to promote our community is to just post the link in your userinfo or website. This will give you 1 or 2 more claims.




All user's that have contributed to this community and granted extra claims will be listed below.

- kacophony*

- demeter*

- tokyo__stripper

- nokoriame

Link to images.

- hieica

- kuro_akira

- _aoi


If you have a community and would like to be affiliates, please contact me at my personal journal, or drop me a line.

Current affiliates:
- claim_jrocksong
- like_a_jrocker (closed)